To promote his latest album Starz, Yung Lean has shared a brand new music video “Outta My Head.” The track itself is a poignant look at Lean’s rise from meme-ish rapper to hip-hop innovator, and the video directed by Anton Tammi captures the Sad Boys frontman’s inner turmoil perfectly.

In a trashed room at the fictional Starz Motel, Yung can be seen ruminating in the bed, among half-full food plates, damaged furniture, and cigarette butts. The video came from a chance encounter with Lean in Stockholm where they met during the COVID-19 pandemic, Anton Tammi said:

“I had wanted to work with Jonatan for years… We met in Stockholm finally this year 2020. As I got stuck to the city due to the corona-situation, we started to talk more and more about this character of the lonely man. Jonatan knows a lot about movies, and we have a similar taste around certain themes and styles of film making, aesthetics, and humor. For [the] “Outta My Head” video, the big inspiration was the Dogme 95 film-making style. Think of the Riget TV series or Festen by Thomas Vinterberg, or Dancer In The Dark, etc… The attempt to strip down all artificial movie-making tricks and focus purely on the story and the acting. I think it’s rare to do a music video in this style. But we loved the challenge and went full-on in shooting everything in one room handheld doc style. There were only three people in the room: myself, our DP Erik Henriksson, and Jonatan. I think Jonatan is a talented actor and I and him share the same attitude towards improvisation, and how to get into character. I really think it shows in our video – his acting is so real, you think almost if this really happened to him.”

Watch the music video for “Outta My Head” by Yung Lean below.

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