Sigrid, the new pop-sensation from Norway is back with a new single and music video for her track “Suckerpunch” directed by french directing duo AB/CD/CD.

“We first came across Sigrid with her “Strangers” video, we thought immediately that she had such a great energy and loved the way she performed, and we knew we absolutely had to shoot with her. A couple of months later, we were sent the SUCKER PUNCH track by our production company, we loved it, and here we are.

We wanted to capture her as she is, keeping her personality and energy, and have her travel through different “Sucker Punch” experiences while performing, but always focusing on her as if she was a superhero in the middle of frame.

Working with her was a real pleasure. In 2 days and nights, we definitely challenged her with the amount that she was required to do until two in the morning, but she was a delight always, hard to say which shots have been shot at 2am tho’.” did say the directing-duo about their collaboration with Sigrid.

And from Sigrid perspective : “The video is a bit mad, and that’s the whole point, as there’s a lot going on in the song. My favourite part of filming was when he had pyro on set. We even had a pyro person, hell yeah! It’s filmed in London and the set design was so good, what a team. I hope people have fun watching it; and dance, sing and laugh. My favourite part of the video maaaay be the scene when I’m running through the crowd. ah! So much fun working with ab/cd/cd – they’re very talented 🙂 If you’re wondering if you can buy the Sigrid Tacos… we should make that happen!”

Watch it below

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