Travis Scott and Ludwig Göransson hopped on a video call to discuss how they created the TENET theme song, “The Plan.”

In the interview, Göransson explained that they piqued Scott’s interest by sending him the opening prologue of the film. Immediately after seeing it, the rapper got so excited from the short clip that he went to the Warner Bros. studio lot the next day and became one of the first people to see TENET in its entirety.

“Making music is like, personally, coming from me and my life experiences. I think specifically for this, it’s like embodying a feeling and a moment that’s been captured,” he said. “I feel like in albums, you take your life stories and you put them into lyrics, you spread them out across 16 songs. In this specific situation it’s just like, ‘This is where we’re at, this is our world, this is what we’re planning. How do you feel? What’s the emotion?’”

He continued, “That was just a little bit different. It wasn’t more so about me and where I actually grew up and my experiences, but me in this world in TENET.”

Watch the full interview below.

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