“Tens is a filter sunglasses brand that was imagined by three friends (Kris, Marty and Tom – the three idiots in the video above) on a road trip through the Scottish Highlands. We applied our background in photography and filmmaking to develop a custom filter lens that drenches your world in rich, warm tones. Basically, sunglasses that make everyday life look and feel ten times better.”

“Spectachrome is a new and limited edition lens filter inspired by the distinct colour palettes of Wes Anderson films such as “Moonrise Kingdom”, “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “Hotel Chevalier”. Working with a group of optical experts based in Lyon, France for the past 12 months; we’ve developed a lens that delivers a mesmerising colour shift, combining rich emerald greens and accentuated citron tones.”

“Experience a view that transports you to a whimsical world of vintage cinema and celluloid film, a place you’ll want to revisit time and time again. At first glance, the lens may appear to look primarily orange but whilst looking through it, it offers a far wider colour spectrum than what initially meets the eye. Wearing Spectachrome feels like walking into a scene of a sun-bleached 1970’s postcard.”

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Posted by:Somewhere Staff