The hype began when Doja Cat made a satirical Twitter poll asking her fans to guess which artist she collaborated with and would be releasing a song soon, listing, among Gumby, Pissy tits, and Stuart Little, the Toronto heartthrob. 60% answered The Weeknd, and they were right — the remix of “In Your Eyes” featuring Doja Cat is here.

Abel told Variety earlier this year that the track is “more complex than it seems.” “It’s basically about two people who are in love with each other who are just fucking each other over. The first verse is from [one] perspective and the second is from the other perspective. It’s like the way people think the Police’s ‘Every Breath You Take’ is a love song, and it’s not at all … This is deeper, but you wanna dance to it and make love to it. That’s the trick of it.”

Stream “In Your Eyes” remix below.

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