As they’re busy preparing for their immersive installations at the emerging Superblue Miami Experiential Art Space, the talented troupe of new media artists at teamLab have mounted a new permanent public artwork in New York City’s One Vanderbilt. The work entitled Continuous Life and Death at the Now of Eternity II, Grand Central Terminal features striking visuals of flowers that “are born, bloom, wither, and die all with the flow of real time,” described teamLab in a statement.

With this new work, teamLab wants to shed light on the importance of preserving the world’s green spaces and mankind’s responsibility to tend to mother nature’s needs as natural environments continue to be pivotal sources for our collective livelihood. “Nature brings us both blessings and disaster, and with the progress of civilization, there are benefits and negative implications: nature and civilization are always connected,” said teamLab. “There is no absolute malicious intent or universal beauty. There is no easy way to understand this relationship and no simple way to arrange our feelings and our sensitivities towards it. Nevertheless, we want to affirm that we are alive regardless of the situation. Life is beautiful.”

One Vanderbilt
1 Vanderbilt Ave
New York, NY 10017

Posted by:Somewhere Team