To celebrate 20 years since the opening, London’s Tate Modern has announced its calendar for future exhibitions and performances, including the two grand installations by the iconic Yayoi Kusama.

In addition to unveiling a series of 20 new pairings of images, showing links between artists from different places and eras—including the first work visitors saw at Tate’s opening back in 2000, Louise Bourgeois’ monumental sculpture Maman, the highlights from the calendar are undeniably Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms, the first being Filled With the Brilliance of Life and the second Chandelier of Grief. The former, which was originally created for her 2012 Tate retrospective, is one of the artist’s largest installations. Alongside the two Infinity Rooms, the exhibit will also include photography and footage from Kusama’s studio and early works.

The display period for Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Rooms will begin in May and will last a year, inaugurating the 20th-anniversary exhibitions.

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