Rome is looking to prepare one of its most popular landmarks, the Colosseum, to be used for higher culture, returning part of the structure to the way it used to look back in ancient times.

Mainly concerning the central part of the structure, the floor, Italy wants to reconstruct the podium that was once used for gladiator battles, where they would almost magically emerge from underneath the floor via a system of tunnels and cages, setting aside $12 million for the project, which it hopes to complete by 2023. The country is currently inviting engineers and architects around the world to submit proposals for the rebuilding.

“We want to give an idea of how it was and we are seeking proposals from around the world,” the monument’s director Alfonsina Russo said, adding that “The arena will be used for high culture, meaning concerts or theater, but no gladiator shows.”

Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini also explained: “It will be a major technological intervention that will offer visitors the opportunity to not only see the underground rooms… but also appreciate the beauty of the Colosseum while standing in the center of the arena.”

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