Soon to be launched at Perrotin Hong Kong is a solo exhibition by New York-based artist Josh Sperling titled Spectrum. The exhibition will feature a selection of new sculptural paintings in various forms and placement, still adhering to his dynamic practice of defying conventional artmaking by excluding canvas.

“Illusion is also very important to me: the underlying structure gives the illusion of something, it is mysterious… When the squiggles are skinnier they have one central layer, in the middle they have two and when they are very large they have three. That is a result of wanting to give the work an organic life-like feel, like the rings of a tree that grows with layers,” he told the gallery in a statement.

Much like Frank Stella, an artist best known for his shaped paintings that were often rendered in L, U, N, or T shapes using aluminum and copper paint materials, Josh Sperling pushes the physical limitations of painting. Serving more as an immersive installation, Spectrum highlights his signature squiggles that slowly shift in hue from red to violet or from orange to yellow, as well as the double bubbles, which the artist places together in single circular forms to create tondos.

Spectrum runs from May 8 to June 12 at Perrotin Hong Kong. See the images from the exhibition down below.

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