In our series about Swedish female newcomers you should know about, we introduce you to Esther Vallee.

We asked her a few questions to know more about her :


The first record you bought ?

Britney Spears – “Ops I did it again”


Your music in 3 words ?

Dreamy, honest, storytelling


The track that made you want to be a musician ? 

The first song I learned to play on the piano: “Beautiful” – Christina Aguilera


Your main influences ?

I’ve always seen life as my biggest influence. Other people actions, my own memories, experiences and movies and series.


Your dream collaboration/featuring ? 

Khalid or LANY, for sure.


Your biggest fear/phobia ?

Claustrophobia! I once got stuck in the back cover in daddy’s car. An accident of course. Wanted to try if me and my best friend could fit in that space.


What makes you laugh ? 

When people hurt themselves… feel awful.


What makes you cry? 

Sad movies, people who gives me compliments and when fans send me stuff.


What you would do if you were not a musician ? 

I would definitely work with fashion.


Your guilty pleasure ? 

Cheese doodles. Drinking red wine.

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