Bonnie ‘Prince,’ otherwise known as Will Oldham and American guitarist and vocalist Matt Sweeney have released their brand new song called “My Blue Suit.”

The song is a continuation of the duo’s collaborative studio album from 2005 titled Superwolf, and will arrive on their next albumsensibly titled Superwolves which is due April 30.

By then, enjoy the song and the music video for “My Blue Suit” by Bonnie ‘Prince’ and Matt Sweeney below. Geoff McFetridge, director of the “Blue Suit” video,” revealed his techniques behind the clip’s inventive animation via a press statement. “I started this video by painting. The work I created, in response to the song, was large scale figures I could use in scenes filmed on camera. All the images in the film are done in camera, there are no digital effects. The graphic sequences were done with paintings wrapped around a garbage can placed on a Techniques 1200 turntable. The tools used to create the effects were knives, glue, paint and tape.”

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