Describing itself as the “world’s first immersive music venue,” London’s One Night Records has announced its reopening sometime later this year. The venue will be hosting a series of music events following social distancing guidelines which are still under effect, enforced by the U.K. government.

With a set date of reopening on October 2, 2020, and running through December 31, 2020, One Night Records ensured everyone that the events will comply with all government requirements, which include social distancing, entry to up to groups of four with minimum distance between groups of 2.5 meters, available hand sanitizers on entry, and masks that have to be worn at all times. The problem with food and drink has been dealt with the issued guideline that demands pre-ordering, to avoid the use of the communal bar area.

The tickets for the first event after reopening, “Lockdown Town,” are on sale now, and the venue described it like this: “The show begins with Rock & Roll bursting out of the constraints of the 1950s and travels back in time. Audiences will see the devil dance at the crossroads, lose themselves in Trad Jazz, revel in Country and Western, romp to rhythm and blues, and at last arrive spinning into ragtime and Spanish Flu.”

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