Streaming platforms now feature one of Lil Peep’s earliest projects, reissued by his estate. All 4 songs were written and produced with longtime collaborator John Mello. Along with the EP, three new music videos have also been released.

The family took to Instagram to reveal the collaborators who helped in presenting the official reissue (see in the post below):

“We are glad to release on all digital streaming platforms one of Gus’s earlier works — the four-track EP titled Vertigo. The tracks were all produced by John Mello, one of Gus’s early collaborators. Three of the four tracks have accompanying videos, two of which were shot, directed and edited by Jon (Legacy) Francois. The third, Drugz, was shot by Emma Harris, directed and edited by Gus and Emma, and animated by Lil Skil.”

Stream Vertigo and also watch the “Come Around”, “M.O.S. [battery full]” and “Drugz” music videos below.



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