On display through April 13, 2020, at The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne is a new exhibition that unites two of the most prominent figures of the 1980’s New York art scene—Keith Haring Jean-Michel Basquiat: Crossing Lines offers a comprehensive career-spanning exhibition of two “among the most influential artists of not only the 1980s but more broadly, of our time and relevant to global youth culture” as stated by guest curator Dr. Dieter Buchhart.

New York’s East Village in the 1980s was the hotbed of a febrile art scene that has birthed some of the most significant artists of the late 20th century, most notable among them Nan Goldin, Jeff Koons, Jenny Holzer, and David Wojnarowicz, all geared towards creating an era-defining moment in modern art and popular culture. 

The exhibition offers glimpses into the intertwining lives, practice, politics and visual language of these two iconic artists, equipped with over 200 artworks, including copies of their work from the streets and subway stations of New York City and early collaborations alongside each artist’s breakthrough exhibition highlights and many of their most acclaimed artworks. The exhibition also takes a broader look at the East Village scene and its leading figures, including Andy Warhol, Madonna, and Grace Jones.


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