Kanye West has shared a new song titled “NAH NAH NAH,” following a recent stream of tweets where he was celebrating Kentucky’s Presidential polling results that showcased him in third place in the state’s precinct reporting. The drama quickly followed as the screenshot has since been debunked as fake and has earned a “manipulated media” tag from Twitter for spreading false information.

The track was premiered alongside a loop of Joaquin Buckley’s recent knockout victory at UFC Fight Night 5, scoring the highlight reel kick that made waves across the sports world. “The whole team is so energized that I had to release theme music,” Kanye tweeted following his poll result screenshots and a celebratory video of him then showing a friend those fake polling numbers on his iPhone. The video also features a scene from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Episode III).

Kanye’s celebration of verified fake news follows other erratic moves like randomly featuring Kirsten Dunst in a campaign poster and possibly facing election fraud investigations for writing fake signatures to meet deadlines to qualify for placement on states’ ballots, resulting in a complete presidential campaign fiasco.

Listen to Kanye West’s new song “NAH NAH NAH” here. The lyrics to the song talk about West’s candidacy for U.S. President, (“Next time you text, can it wait?/ You are talkin’ to a presidential candidate”) champions simulation theory, and references his current contract dispute with Universal Music Group (“If I put myself is harm’s way to get my own masters/ They put theyself in harm’s way to stay the master”).

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