We discovered Graace totally randomly on Hypemachine and had immediately a crush with her voice and her music. She’s Australian, based in Sydney and is known for her featuring with Hayden James. She started to released her own music one year ago and just dropped a new single a few weeks ago. We asked her a few questions :

Where are you right now ?
Finally in my own bed at home after being on the road most of this year so far.

What is your current state of mind?
I’m currently trying to get into the state of mind that it’s okay to relax for a day and do a face mask (which I have on right now) and not feel the need to constantly be out working and trying to please everyone around me.

How did you get started in music?
I started playing piano when I was about 7 or 8 because my childhood best friend’s Mum was a piano teacher. My best friend and other best friend and I then continued to try to make a girl band. I started picking up the guitar and singing from that because I wanted to be able to do everything in the group haha. I started song writing seriously though around 13 and have been creating music since.

What musicians inspired you when you were growing up?
Joni Mitchell has been someone I grew up listening to that I can pinpoint having a huge impact on my confidence in song writing.

Where do you find inspiration for music ?
Life experience is the most used writing source for me, I will every now and then story tell but I find therapy in releasing a lot of my own emotion from person experiences.

Could you tell us more about your writing process ?
80% of my songs start with myself sitting at my piano and singing alone while nobody is home. I’ll usually start with a piano melody and sing over the top and chuck on my voice memos and improve lyrics until they make sense, then will tweak and continue to build from there.

You just released a new single, could you tell us more about Have Fun At Your Party?
I wrote this exactly how I explained the question above. I was seeing a boy and he was living across the bay from me and I was holding back from calling him drunkenly or going to his house. I knew he was with all of his friends so I vented through the piano instead, and I’m glad I did because he’s not around anymore but my piano still is 😉

What was the most memorable moment of your career thus far?
I recently just played my first Aussie festival run and hearing them sing Last Night in person was CRAZY. There is nothing in the world like the feeling of hearing people sing your music back to you in person.

What musicians are you listening to at the moment?
I’ve been OBSESSED with a song called Dirty AF1s by Alexander23 and to be honest that’s pretty much just been on repeat.

Your music in three words ?
Honest, Vulnerable, Personal

If you were not a musician ?
Look, I’d love to say I would be a Veterinarian if I wasn’t a musician but I’m like highkey sure my grades or attention span would not allow me too.. but a girl can dream big haha

What scares you the most ?
I’ve recently been ridiculously afraid of turbulence. I travel alone almost every week on planes but my mind has been playing tricks on me every time it has bad turbulence and makes me think we gonnn go downnnnn.

One movie, one book, one song ?
Miss Congeniality, The book of Lost Things and Apologise by Timbaland / OneRepublic

On an typical Saturday night, where can we find you ?
On Tour: Mostly likely out with my mates in whatever city I am trying to soak in everything I can before I leave.
At Home: Watching Netflix with my Mum with a glass of wine.

Best advice you’ve been given?
Make music that makes you happy and that you are proud of and not steer from ideas because you think somebody else won’t like it. My friend Jacob who I was on tour with actually just told me that last week and its really changed my mindset.

What’s next for you ?
I’m playing my first Australian 4 headline shows next month in Melbourne and Sydney which are all sold out, and I am SO SO excited. Also maybe another new song in a little bit 😉

A question we forgot to ask ?
My party trick is that I can recite all 50 USA states in alphabetical order. Random, I know.

Listen to Graace’s music here or follow her on Instagram.

Posted by:Somewhere Staff