The announcement was made during a conversation hosted by the GRAMMY Museum, titled Programs at Home. During the 30-minute conversation with Scott Goldman, the GRAMMY Museum’s Artistic Director, twigs unpacked the creation of MAGDALENE, her career to date, and what comes next. The new album, created entirely remotely during lockdown, was only 1/3 written before the world went to shit. “I just said ‘You know what, I’m going to make an album’, and I just went and did it,” she said to the Grammys’ moderator, Scott Goldman.

“I just said ’I’m going to make an album’ and I just did it,” says FKA Twigs of her follow-up to Magdalene.

She also revealed that she worked on the majority of the record with El Guincho, who has released solo records with twigs’s label Young Turks but is perhaps best known for producing records by Rosalía and, more recently, Lous and the Yakuza.

“I was working with people I’d never met in real life and we were doing the whole thing over FaceTime and it was great because I couldn’t go in the studio at the beginning. So I was getting beats and having to work from MP3s, and then I would be writing melodies in the day with [El Guincho],” twigs said. “In the night I would call some of my friends in America who made music and I would have a glass of wine and chill and write lyrics and talk about what the song’s about.”

The record, as of right now, doesn’t have a release date. Perhaps it’ll be a surprise drop in the next few months, or she’ll hold it close to her chest for now; ensuring that when it does reach the world it’s as perfect as it can be. After all, the half-decade that separated LP1 from MAGDALENE is proof that great things can come from toiling at them for a while. Or maybe, twigs’ genius is so irrefutable that this record written in half a year will move us just as much as the bodies of work that preceded it did. Either way, we can’t wait.

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