The largest UK survey to date, Philip Colbert’s Lobsteropolis is currently on display at Saatchi Gallery, presented by Unit London, featuring a range of explosively-colorful, figurative paintings and marble sculptures of his psychedelic cartoon lobster.

Colbert’s lobster is an art protagonist in a modern pop-art universe. His practice seeks to elevate approaches to collage in the digital age. Across his paintings, Colbert imposes everyday objects onto faces and combines portraiture with popular culture in a Magritte-like fashion.

“Emojis, computer windows, classical architecture, Lichtenstein spots, comic book sound effects, cactus plants and pixelated mouse cursors all have a place in Colbert’s world,” described the gallery in a statement.

“The lobster is my materialistic alter-ego. Lobsteropolis is a vision of a sci-fi future where, due to lockdowns, we have robot selves who can go and explore the physical world, while we remain indoors,” said Colbert. “Our fear of solitude is not unique to the current pandemic, but ultimately, we are alone, which is part of the human condition.”

Take a look at Lobsteropolis by Philip Colbert below and visit Unit London’s website for more information. The exhibition is on view until November 29.

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