The Technoking has just released his very own NFT offering, but it wouldn’t be newsworthy if it didn’t include even a tiny bit of troll or meme material.

The NFT in question is a techno house track which talks about NFTs. Typical of Elon, the layers of sarcasm and commentary are evident once you hear the lyrics: “NFT, for Your Vanity,” “It’s Verified, Guaranteed,” and “Computers Never Sleep.” Accompanying the track is the looping animation of a golden trophy of Doge dogs, diamond hands, “HODL” lettering, and a rocketship, and it’s all rotating and flashing at once.

Elon didn’t say on which platform he’s going to sell his NFT track, but it’s very likely he could be creating his own. The NFT track can be found below.

Posted by:Staff