A new installation erected within an open field of Shanghai, China, is a new work by designer Li Hao (from One Take Architects). The “Pop Star” installation challenges observers to view life in a brand new way.

The grand structure combines colorful glass surfaces into an icosahedron shape but once standing in the central area of “Pop Star,” viewers are able to feel the association between the installation and transcendental theory, mimicking the point of view of various birds and insects that see the world completely differently than humans.

According to Li Hao, in its interior, ‘pop star’ is ‘quiet, dependent, and maternal’, while from the outside it is characterized as ‘extremely oppressive, power-hungry, and fatherly’. Among the two contradictory tensions, the dialectical relationship between motion and static is lost, and the visual senses become an illusion. ‘pop star’ emerges within this very paradoxical state of perception, which expresses a pure form of original power, freed from text and narrative, viewing the unknown unbounded universe in a transcendental way.


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