At a time when the fashion world seems to be going through one of the most reseling and noteworthy Turning Points of recent years, Generation Z of professionals in our sector is beginning to make itself heard.Niccolò Lapo Latini, ADV Creative Director, just 23 years this May, nor is it a clear example.

He made his debut as an independent author first on L’Officiel Italia last July then in August the mention of L’Officiel Paris – the youngest Italian advertising creative director to obtain it – A past of travel between study and practice in the rear in the world of the arts figurative.In December 2020 – with the release of “Buio II” (shot by photographer Emanuele Ferrari and directed by Latini himself) a tribute to the second Italian lockdown was published for Schön Magazine (London). Project that will then be brought back to Germany and finally a third and unexpected mention in France thus becoming the youngest creative advertising director since 1992 (year of foundation) to be mentioned by Purple France.

It also boasts collaborations with “Major” magazines including L’Officiel Russia – Miami Magazine – Wonderland.

His first Cover Story for L’Officiel Belgium arrives in April ’21.

In the last year he has collaborated with already established professionals and well-known faces of the creative sector including Emanuele Ferrari – Gianpiero D’Alessandro – Boris Allin.

In April 2021, the collaboration with the Brand Babolat officially begins, which focuses on its image by accompanying it in its sports / private and working life. Thus reconciling a past in the footsteps of tennis with a present lived in his opinion with the same intentions, character, spirit of competition and competitive spirit required by the sport that most fascinates him.

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