Instead of falling more than 30 feet to the ground, a subway train in Rotterdam, Netherlands, landed on a sculpture of a whale’s tail, which saved it from a fatal crash. The train sped through buffers at the De Akkers metro station in Spijkenisse around 12:30 am on Monday. Luckily enough, there were no passengers aboard at the time of the incident, and the driver was able to escape safely.

“To our relief, the metro operator got out of the vehicle unharmed. He is doing well under the circumstances. There were no passengers present,” said RET, the transport operator in the city of Rotterdam in a statement. An investigation is underway and RET is planning how to salvage the train.

Saved by the Whale’s Tail, the name of the sculpture representing two whale tails, has become even more fitting after the crash. Architect Maarten Strulis who installed the work nearly 20 years ago, told CNN: “I was surprised, I didn’t expect this. Buffers are always strong enough. So, I am looking forward to the results of the investigation of this crash.” He also mentioned that the tail, which is made of plastic, would have been damaged in the accident, “but that’s apparently not the case.”

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