Having already directed several music videos for Burna Boy, London-based photographer and director Meji Ajabi definitely outdid himself by doing the Nigerian singer’s “Real Life,” surely his most powerful and masterful music video to date. It is a completely developed mini-drama where the complexity of people’s lives, navigating what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, is highlighted by the different routes taken by twin brothers, and pointless murder.

Taking place on a West London estate populated with believable characters sketched into life by Alabi’s direction and Jaime Ackroyd’s camera, the brothers, played by Devontay and Dijon Graham, deliver striking performances, topped with a powerful and emotional narration by George The Poet that intersect the video. Of course, let’s not forget Burna Boy and Stormzy themselves, who also appear in the video, adding weight to the whole piece.

The music video for “Real Life” can be seen as a wholly different approach for the director, who has become one of the most adept at creating visually exciting pop videos, as it’s incredibly confident and cinematic, as well as serious. Watch Burna Boy and Stormzy in “Real Life” below.

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