Following his purchase of six Pokémon First Edition Base Set booster boxes for which he spent $2 million, Logan Paul announced he would be hosting the “biggest Pokemon box break ever.” The Internet celebrity put 36 of the unopened booster packs up for grabs via Goldin Auction which stirred up the TCG world, as packs began selling for a record-breaking average of $39,206, over $1 million in total.

In the video below, Paul sat down with his friends and Goldin Auctions’ founder Ken Goldin to open up all 36 packs at once. Those that bought packs were all hoping that their $40,000 investment would land them an elusive Charizard card that sells for well over $350,000. Luckily for some investors, Logan Paul actually hit two holographic Charizards, a Venusaur and Blastoise, amongst other rares for an estimated total pull value of $2,000,000. Watch below.

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