Partnering with Illumination Entertainment, The Berrics celebrated the 10th anniversary of Minions by enlisting Eric Koston and Sean Malto to skate around The Berrics’ indoor skatepark in giant inflated Minions suits.

“I can’t see anything,” says Malto as he trips over. The result is a clumsy and funny video that shows the skaters’ skill while they quickly adapt to the inflatable suits.

Additionally, The Berrics have come up with a new skate deck that mainly sports vibrant yellow paint. At the center of the board is a close-up image of a Minions mouth, showing just the top row teeth with its gleaming braces. Besides The Berrics’ logo stamped at one end of the deck, most of the board’s design is kept relatively minimal, so the focus is really on that awkward expression — the other side of the board is painted in solid blue.

The Berrics and Minions’ collaborative skate deck is currently available on The Canteen’s website for $60. Watch the video below.


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