Orbital Assembly Corporation has announced plans to open a luxury space hotel.

Voyager Station, the world’s first luxury hotel in space, is slated to open in 2027, and the building should start in low Earth orbit in 2025.

Futuristic renderings of the cosmic hotel reveal individual pods that are attached to rotating, Ferris wheel-like contraption. Aboard the space hotel, guests will be able to enjoy a slew of amenities, including a cinema, a health spa, gyms, themed restaurants, libraries and concert venues. The establishment will also include Earth-viewing lounges and bars and rooms that can accommodate up to 400 people. Additional necessities such as crew quarters, water, air and power systems will also take up a portion of the space facility.

Orbital Assembly Corporation also looks to sell portions of the hotel to permanent stakeholders, including government agencies that want to utilize the facilities for training centers or just to private landlords looking to create a vacation home aboard the spacecraft.

The Daily Mail received a quote from John Blincow, founder of Gateway Foundation, which runs some of the Voyager’s pods, stating, “This will be the next industrial revolution.” He adds that the rotation aspect is “vital” since without gravity, people are not viable for space. The artificial gravity generated by the circle’s rotation will be used for the station to go around Earth every 90 minutes.

Take a look below at what can be expected of the Voyager Station.

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