Museum-goers, watch out.

As a visitor tried to take a selfie with a 19th-century sculpture at Museo Antonio Canova in Possagno, Italy, the marble sculpture was left shorter by two… fingers.

Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victrix, a glorious work by Italian Neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova, lost her two toes, as the Austrian visitor sat on the original plaster cast model of the sculpture to record their visit to the museum. They then exited the building without notifying any staff members about what happened.

Surveillance footage revealed the cause of the broken-off toes spotted by a guard, and the museum quickly after took to Facebook to write: “We reiterate that our heritage must be protected: adopting responsible behavior within the Museum while respecting the works and goods preserved in it is not only a civic duty but a sign of respect for what our history and culture testify and that must be proudly handed down to future generations.” Museo Antonio Canova is working to have the sculpture restored.

Posted by:Staff