Former Navy engineer designs affordable, reusable mask of the future – the NE-1 Helmet – as effective as N95 and accommodates the hearing-impaired. The NE-1 Helmet provides filtered air to protect you and those around you.

In March, Valhalla Medical Supply jumped in to help create Emergency Ventilator Splitters to aid with the shortages of ventilators in the fight against COVID-19. Soon a request from medical professionals to build a ventilator helmet came in. That’s when the team realized they could build something like this for everyone. The NE-1 Helmet was designed to help close the gap between face masks and expensive, industrial Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs).

There are many benefits to the NE-1 Helmet like a two way filtration system to protect you and those around you. NE-1 Helmet has bluetooth audio so that you can hear and be heard. Valhalla Medical Supply, has a large clear face shield to allow you to see others and be seen. The face shield is fully removable for easy cleaning.

“We knew it would be all hands on deck to safely get back to normalcy and were compelled to take action – specifically designing the NE-1 Helmet to help speed along the process,” Chris Ehlinger, ValhallaMED fouder, said in a statement. “Once we finalized the NE-1 design, we dove straight into optimizing the helmet for performance, putting health and safety first. We know the NE-1 Helmet will aid in responsibly reopening the economy and help us navigate the new normal”.


Posted by:Somewhere Team