Calling for artists Naima Green, Dorian Ulises López Macías, Elliott Jerome Brown, Jr., Simone ThompsonGuanyu XuNelson Morales, and Texas Isaiah, NYC-based design studio TRNK a digital art exhibition titled MIEN, which celebrates shared queer identity through exploration beyond visibility. The exhibition is selling the prints on display, from which all of the proceeds will be donated to the Ali Forney Center, which aids LGBTQ+ homeless youth. The prints are sold as a 20 x 30 inches poster for $75 (unframed) or $250 (framed) until 30 June.

“I think every queer and person of colour can relate to the tension between community and self explored by this group exhibition,” stated TRNK co-founder Tariq Dixon, who has worked closely with each of the artists involved to create a dialogue between the works. “The paradoxical burden, yet privilege of always representing something larger than oneself. The fury over society’s attempt to erase individual experiences, but the fulfilment earned by inspiring others who see themselves in you. Each of these artists interrogate this understanding in their own unique way. The artworks are strong assertions of the artists’ undeniable individuality, but they all join together in celebration of a shared queer identity.”

Buy and view prints here.

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