Contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson has shared a 10-part illustrated guide under his non-profit Little Sun, dedicated to creating a completely a solar powered world. Utilizing arts and creativity to mobilize individuals to take action from across the globe, the resource-focused campaign features environmental tips with accompanying digital illustrations by Nigerian-Italian artist Diana Ejaita.

“We believe that in order to create a world that thrives, we must urgently shift our perspective and turn conversations often centered around fear and data, into conversations that center on feeling and hope for all,” John heller, CEO of Little Sun told designboom. “We want to change the narrative about renewable energy and climate action, to create new spaces that inspire and ignite the imagination.”

Reach for the Sun is accessible to all as an open-source communications toolkit here, and offers a roadmap of various resources for individuals and organizations to relay the message as well as engage in actionable steps to help realize a solar-powered world.

“This campaign is for those concerned by climate change but don’t know what to do. So, the majority of us! in particular, we’re keen to engage with creatives as they have a huge role to play in influencing everyday culture and where we go next as a society,” added Heller.

Visit Little Sun’s website to view more solar-powered initiatives.

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