The Seven Deaths of Maria Callas (2020), an opera piece by pioneering performance artist Marina Abramović, will be premiered on a series of massive screens next year in central London, in the form of a new film version. The work is part of a public art program helmed by the Milan-born video installation artist and film director Marco Brambilla for the Now building — a new establishment situated at the entrance to Tottenham Court Road Station.

Outernet — “an immersive media and entertainment business boasting the world’s largest high-resolution wrap-around screens,” as per an online statement by the company, developed bars, restaurants, and offices that will be included in the new space. Marina said about the collaboration in a statement: “The Outernet Arts program and curator Marco Brambilla are giving me a great opportunity to use the largest screens in the world to exhibit. I am very excited about this collaboration and the chance to present to the wider public my work The Seven Deaths of Maria Callas in such a unique way.”

The opera coincides with the launch of her exhibition, scheduled to launch at the Royal Academy of Arts next year, which will run through September 12 and December 2021.

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