A “fresh” new look at Will Smith’s upcoming gritty drama comes in the form of an official trailer that captures the overall look of the series. The actor who starred in the immensely popular NBC sitcom that propelled him to superstardom will team up with Morgan Cooper to adapt his dramatic reimagining of the 90s show. Instead of the classic sitcom look and feel, they opted for a dramatic, gritty take on the original comedy series which looks it’s going to be intense and emotional, but with no room for comedy.

The story, however, will remain intact for the reboot. You are still expected to see a street-smart kid who moves from Philly to an upper-class neighborhood to live with his aunt and uncle. According to The Hollywood ReporterBel-Air has been in the works for over a year after the four-minute trailer went viral in 2019. After the clip caught the attention of Smith, Cooper, who created and directed the trailer, was brought in to co-write the script, directed, and serve as co-executive producer. The drama series, co-produced by Smith’s Westbrook Studios and original producers Universal TV, is currently being shopped to streamers like Peacock, HBO Max, and Netflix. HBO Max is the current streaming home for the original series.

“Reboots remain in high demand across broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms,” THR notes. What is great about the Bel-Air reboot is that it has the original creators and studio attached, so Smith, Quincy Jones, Benny Medina as well as creators Andy & Susan Borowitz, which should be able to help the series not flop and succeed at serving hardcore fans what they expect. Yet, the main juice of the original sitcom, the comedy, which entertained fans for six long seasons, is sadly all drained out.

Watch the official Bel-Air trailer (2019) down below.

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