Closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Studio Ghibli museum located in Japan has opened its doors virtually and offers an exclusive tour of what’s inside.

The videos uploaded on the studio’s YouTube channel offer footage of the rarely photographed and filmed space, because photographing and filming is forbidden once you get in. Videos feature the main entrance of the building, decorated with My Neighbor Totoro-themed stained glass doors, further taking viewers around the permanent exhibition room filled with iconic artworks and props, where “the movie is born.”

Other videos show the Space of Wonder room, which is covered in a fresco painting with a smiling sun in the center. Trees stretch up towards the sky, revealing Kiki on a broom and Nausicaä on her jet glider. Finally, the last video brings viewers to the Straw Hat cafe, decorated in the style of Howl’s Moving Castle.

Take a look at the first video below and make sure to see the rest on Studio Ghibli’s official YouTube channel.

Posted by:Staff