Gorgeous anime stills include tantalising food scenes from some of the studio’s beloved films.

Last month, Studio Ghibli wowed its fans around the world with a present they weren’t expecting: a collection of 400 images from eight feature films free to download online. It was a surprise gesture of kindness from a studio renowned for being fiercely protective of their movies, and now they’ve added even more images to the collection, expanding it to include six more titles, with 50 images from each film.

Studio Ghibli has released a selection of 300 pieces of artwork from across six of its films, including classics such as Howl’s Moving Castle, Whisper of the Heart, and Hayao Miyazaki’s environmental epic Princess Mononoke.

The batch of images also includes stills from other Ghibli productions, including The Cat Returns (a spin-off that features the anthropomorphic cat from Whisper of the Heart, The Baron). Ghiblies Episode 2 – a film animated in watercolour and based around employees of the studio – and the 1999 comic strip adaptation My Neighbors The Yamadas round out the most recent collection. Last month, Studio Ghibli shared another 400 images from eight of its films, including Ponyo, When Marnie Was There, and the seminal Spirited Away.

Back in April, meanwhile, the animation studio shared a variety of free Zoom backgrounds, encouraging us to add some virtual scenery to our lives as they moved online amid social distancing.

Posted by:Somewhere Team