Contemporary art gallery Sperone Westwater has recently unveiled a new group exhibition featuring a selection of artworks made from wood by some of the today’s most notable artists.

Gathering Tom Sachs, Helmut Lang, Brent Owens, Richard Tuttle, Katy Moran, Kim Dingle and many more, Wood Works: Raw, Cut, Carved, Covered highlights the various uses of wood in contemporary art through conceptual and technical approaches, such as Sachs’ monumental bricolage sculpture entitled ‘The Cabinet’ (2014) that features a handmade cabinet made of wooden Con Edison barriers that house a range of weapons; Lang’s ‘Untitled (2021)’ sculpture made of wood panel with removed bottle caps that feature intricate imprints on enamel and resin coating; and Dingle’s ‘Priss (1995)’ piece that portrays three-dimensional figures of the artist and her partner dressed in elegant ensembles in a wooden crib.

“In recent years, artists have employed a variety of conceptual and technical approaches to the medium, sometimes choosing wood for its structural properties and other times for its ecological and temporal connotations. Considering the past year’s challenges— the global pandemic and the restructuring of daily life— the transformation of common materials into new forms has become more meaningful than ever,” said the gallery in a statement.

See the group exhibition below and visit Sperone Westwater’s website for more information.

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