In the first-ever exhibition after his name change, Soh Souen, previously known as Hajime Kuwazono, will present his works at The Mass in Tokyo, featuring a collection of prints called tie.

The solo exhibition will showcase various mosaic-like portraits formed with tiny squares that resemble pixels, that he has been working on since 2019. There’s a chance it might even include a portrait of Japanese musician Hiroshi Fujiwara, that was used as the cover for his latest LP, Slumbers 2.

The exhibition will also be debuting etude and caress and hug — abstract works that are mostly pastel-colored, as well as a three-dimensional installation, titled my body, your smell, and ours, made from 25 kinds of herbs and fragrant trees to project a sense of healing and purification.

Check out the pieces below. A Modest Scream will be on from November 21 – December 27.


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