New portraits, as part of an exhibition by the French artist Claire Tabouret, well known for her explorations of identity, childhood, and human experiences through her paintings, are currently on display at Perrotin Seoul, entitled Siblings.

The portraits are based on real people and for the first time, some portray her own brother, along with a snapshot of a Victorian family she found in a thrift store. The gallery expressed in a statement: “Tabouret’s gestural, fluid paintings depict figures floating in imaginary, mystical landscapes with an air of the uncanny. The people are recognizable but the narratives elude us. Illuminated by neon underlayers, her subjects glow from within as we are drawn into the artists’ subjectivity.”

Siblings by Claire Tabouret runs until July 10. Visit Perrotin’s website for more details and flick through some of the portraits in the gallery below.

Posted by:Staff