The first major presentation of late American artist Ruth Asawa’s work outside of the US is held at London’s David Zwirner gallery, alongside rare works on paper entitled A Line Can Go Anywhere.

The exhibition highlights her wire sculptures and wide-ranging body of works on paper. Working in the late 1940s, Asawa challenged conventional notions of sculpture through an emphasis on lightness and transparency. In her more than five decades-spanning career, she moved between the abstract and the figurative, creating intricate and meandering sculptures using the medium of the line: “I was interested in it because of the economy of a line, making something in space, enclosing it without blocking it out. It’s still transparent. I realized that if I was going to make these forms, which interlock and interweave, it can only be done with a line because a line can go anywhere.”

Take a look at the gallery below. The exhibition is on display from now until February 22, at the David Zwirner24 Grafton St, Mayfair, London.

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