Translated to English, the title of the track reads “Hurt me,” and it’s a new ballad by the Spannish GRAMMY winner, following her two-track 2019 EP Fucking Money Man and her last full-length project from 2018 in El Mal Querer.

Characteristic to her style, the track is a blend of Flamenco textures and a more modern pop infused sound.

She also took to Twitter to post a note of solidarity for her fans, reading:

     “Many of us are in quarantine and not leaving our homes. I was in quarantine and I lost a bit of time because I decided that I was not going to think about it too much and that instead I was going to put my energy and my heart into doing something for others in my own way. I know what I do as an artist may seem expendable, for some it will be, but for me to be able to make music is good for my mental health. This song is called “Dolerme” and I hope it makes you feel a little better than I did when I made it. Please take care of yourself and take care of everyone you have around, with all my love.”

Stream Rosalía’s “Dolerme” down below.

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