The Indonesian artist continues to gain recognition in the contemporary art sector, having recently displayed works as part of a group exhibition for New York City’s Padre Gallery this past November. Now, Roby Dwi Antono partnered with U.K.-based Moosey Art to release a limited edition screenprint called Di Restoran which translates to “at the restaurant.”

The work portrays a young girl sitting at a table with a glass rabbit placed on top of it. It is sized 69 by 51 centimeters and was screen printed on Somerset velvet paper and arrives in a hand-signed edition of just 99 pieces. Those interested in purchasing a print should submit requests on Moosey Art’s online store.

“I like to see contradicting characters within each subject in my art, as long as they can convey my message in full. I think there are always two sides to everything, so normally I paint subjects that can represent both the good and the bad. As absurd as they are, I believe that such contrast would end up as a harmony. The celebrities are a different case because I simply love their works. I also admire people who consistently break the status quo, which is exactly what I see from them.”

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