A rarity among Jackson Pollock’s works, Red Composition, joins Christie’s upcoming 20th and 21st Century Art auction which will take place this October. The highlight of the sale is part of a series of seven paintings created by Pollock in 1946 and it’s expected to fetch over $12 million.

The painting was created during the year when the artist’s signature style emerged from fully abandoning the application of paint using a brush, and instead, began to assume the style of abstract expressionism, smearing the pigment directly from the tube onto canvasses. Pollock’s drip painting technique would since then revolutionize 20th-century art.

The painting was offered by the Everson Museum in Syracuse New York and will donate a portion of the proceeds to the conservation of the remaining Pollock works in the museum’s collection.

The 20th and 21st Century Art auction by Christie’s is set to launch on October 6.

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