Iconic Polaroid has partnered with Keith Haring Foundation to drop an exclusive edition of a Polaroid Now camera and i-Type instant film embellished with Haring‘s famed motifs.

Following a multitude of collaborations with the likes of Teva, Lacoste, and Disney+’s The Mandalorian, Polaroid says that its latest partnership is inspired by a “shared spirit of democratic creativity” and commemorates Haring’s long-lasting impact by making his work more accessible, according to a release.

“Ever since the heyday of New York in the ‘80s, Keith Haring and Polaroid have had a mutual admiration for each other’s work,” said Marta Martinez, CMO of Polaroid, in the statement. “Partnering with the Keith Haring Foundation feels so natural it’s almost like a homecoming for us. We are so proud to keep Keith’s legacy alive, which is why we approached this collection of Polaroid products as another love letter to his amazing work.”

The limited-edition camera is a modernized version of retro OneStep cameras the late artist used in the 1970s, equipped with a fine-tuned flash and a two-lens autofocus to maximize image sharpness. Haring’s signature black-and-white illustrations encapsulate the back of the camera, while a bright red background hosts simple co-branding elements on the front.

As far as the film goes, it features Haring’s motifs that surround the image. Each instant analog Color i-Type film pack is compatible with Polaroid Now, Lab and OneStep cameras and contains eight frames featuring 12 unique designs.

The collection is available to shop now on Polaroid’s webstore. The instant camera is priced at $119.99, the film pack is marked at $17.99 and the Polaroid Now Keith Haring Edition Starter Set, which includes the camera and three film packs, is set at $169.99.

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