The Lola & Pani Studio Portraits 2015-2020, a new hardcover book announced by London-based publisher Palm* Studios, documents 5 years of portraiture on 116 pages that have been co-curated by i-D Editor-in-Chief Alastair McKimm, who also appears in conversation with the two photographers.

The book also features an introduction by writer and curator David Campany. “It appeals to that deep desire to gather and collect, to organize and take stock, to assert some kind of order upon a world forever slipping into the past, or into disorder. That is the slightly cold-hearted motivation, but the portrait survey can also be an occasion for much warmer things: empathy, exchange, collaboration, even community.”

You can find Lola & Pani Studio Portraits 2015-2020 at the Palm* Studios web store now.

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