Oreo isn’t taking any chances. The maker of the chocolate-and-crème sandwich cookies has built a doomsday vault in Norway to house its cookies in preparation for the “Election Day asteroid”.

The vault is inspired by the famous Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the Arctic that houses the largest concentration of agricultural diversity anywhere on Earth, meant for preserving the world’ botanical legacy against natural or human-caused disasters. Oreo’s vault is a lot smaller but signifies the cookie company’s commitment to an impressive PR stunt.

The advertisement that unveiled the vault claims that it is situated on permafrost at the coordinates 78° 08’ 58.1” N, 16° 01’ 59.7” E.

“As an added precaution, the Oreo packs are wrapped in mylar, which can withstand temperatures from -80 degrees to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and is impervious to chemical reactions, moisture, and air, keeping the cookies fresh and protected for years to come,” Oreo said in a statement on Friday.

Posted by:Somewhere Team