Nick Cave’s 160-foot-long text mounted on the facade of the School, an art establishment helmed by Jack Shainman Gallery in Kinderhook, New York, this past November, was met with “distrust and deceit,” said the artist in a statement regarding the artwork.

The outdoor text work that reads Truth Be Told was created by Cave to shed light on racial injustice and police brutality amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, but due to Kinderhook locals believing it was illegal, and city officials arguing that the piece is technically a sign, making it a violation of local law, the piece was the subject of controversy among residents.

“It is ironic that a work promoting truth-telling has been met with distrust and deceit.”

The artwork has now found a new home in the Brooklyn Museum, where it will be exhibited at the institution’s outdoor plaza this spring, as per the New York Times. The piece will coincide with an exhibition that is still currently in development. “Museums are being called on to tell the truth, from the painful to the celebratory,” Brooklyn Museum director Anne Pasternak told the Times. “We can invite a constructive conversation.”

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