Niccolo Lapo Latini, Project Manager from Italy, won the award for Best Typography & Design 2022 at the Type Directors Club in New York with Paul Sych, Emanuele Ferrari and Vanity Teen New York in partnership with Reebok. The young boy thus becomes the youngest PM to be able to win at the TDC69 – Award won by the New York Times last year and recognized as the highest global title for typography and editorial design.

Another record of precociousness and excellent sign of artistic maturity for Niccolo Lapo Latini who has been in the past the youngest professional in fashion industry to be mentioned by Purple France and the youngest Italian one to be published on L’Offciel Paris. He worked with Cole Sprouse, Lucky Blue Smith, Quentin Jones, Gianpiero D’Alessandro, publishing for the most well-known magazines in Europe.

Now after a year of study and research in the NFT world which leads him to land on Nifty Gateway and SuperRare working with the best talents of the Web 3.0 Industry such as MRE and joining as vip guest collector the Venice Biennale, he closed his 2022 season collaborating with Mike Miller, Daniel Ghebart and José Mourinho. Finally, his partnership with Babolat has been renewed for the third consecutive year for the 2023.

Niccolo Lapo Latini.

Posted by:Somewhere Staff