New York City, NY – NFT Magazine hosts their first event, Crypto Art Fair, in NYC, with a massive billboard in the heart of Times Square, featuring some of the most innovative artists working in the crypto art world.

When NFT Magazine launched in 2020, founders Rodni and Xhois Baja wanted to create a platform that promotes emerging as well as world renowned artists in the crypto art world. They immediately connected with a wide audience, consisting of top tier NFT collectors as well as celebrities, and have grown to over 170k followers since they launched in January.

Now, NFT Magazine is hosting Crypto Art Fair, its first event, at Times Square in NYC. Over 70 top tier artists will be participating, including Alex Christodoulou, Alexa Meade, Andreas Wannerstedt, Android Jones, Annibale Siconolfi, Antoni Tudisco, Clay Weishaar, David McLeod, Eduard Mykhailov, Federico Clapis, Kidmograph, Klarens, Madebystudiojq, Marc Tudisco, Marco Mori, Ondrej Zunka, Roger Kilimanjaro, Shane F3D, Steven Baltay, Ted’s Little Dream, Vexx, and many others.

“We wanted to create an event for people to engage with NFTs beyond their computer screens in isolation, as well as bringing NFTs to the eyes of the general public through a unique visual experience.” – Rodni and Xhois Baja

A state-of-the-art, 15,000 square foot billboard with a high definition LED screen capable of full motion video, wraps around the corner of a building in Times Square, capturing impressions on two streets in different directions. The artists’ work will be displayed here throughout the day.

As part of Crypto Art Fair, NFT Magazine is partnering with SuperWorld and Pollinate to provide an AR (augmented reality) experience in Times Square in addition to their billboard display. Artworks will be anchored to locations in Times Square and will remain there for two days for spectators to view. NFT Magazine and Pollinate are curating the artworks for the AR experience together and this is not exclusive to artists on the billboard display. The AR experience will be accessible through the SuperWorld app.

NFT Magazine is also partnering with CSTM Haus, who will be hosting a panel discussion and afterparty in their New York venue at 675 Hudson St., Suite 4S, that evening. Rodni Baja will be the moderator of the panel discussion and speakers will be from SuperWorld, Pollinate, and CSTM Haus.

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Crypto Art Fair:

Nov. 2, 2021
20 Times Square, New York, NY 10036

Panel Discussion and Afterparty:

675 Hudson St. Suite 4S
6:00 – 9:00 PM EST

Tickets available on Eventbrite here.

About NFT Magazine

NFT Magazine was founded in 2020 by brothers Rodni and Xhois Baja, with the aim of becoming the definitive resource for crypto art and spotlighting both emerging and renowned, established artists. Since their inception, their Instagram page has rapidly and naturally grown to over 160k followers, including many high profile figures in the art and entertainment industry. NFT Magazine is currently working on an editorial expansion.

Instagram: @nft.magazine

About SuperWorld

SuperWorld is a virtual world in augmented reality (AR), digitally mapped over the surface of the Earth. Plots of SuperWorld land are represented as 64.8 billion non-fungible tokens (NFT) corresponding to the real world. Any SW user can place location-specific AR content throughout SuperWorld for others to explore and discover. SuperWorld citizens can also buy and sell NFTs in the Salon. They have a mission to build a better world and have notable social impact projects in Flint, MI, the Caribbean, Beirut, and the Amazon rainforest as joint efforts with partners ranging from UNICEF and the UN to One Tree Planted and the World Bank.

Instagram: @superworldapp

About Pollinate 

Pollinate is a social discovery platform connecting people with art experiences. Their team bridges online communities with offline culture through web3 and digital collectibles. For NFT.NYC, they are curating a lineup of NYC artists to mint and showcase their work through the form of NFTs. For Crypto Art Fair’s AR experience, they want to unlock more opportunities for traditional artists, who create physical works of art, to access the world of NFTs and crypto.

Instagram: @pollinateart


From iconic landmarks to high level perks that extend beyond our clubhouse locations, CSTM HAUS is the lifestyle club for the world’s disruptors. Work, meet, and network with other like minded entrepreneurs; access a network of luxury vacation homes around the world, members only events and workshops and more. They launched NFTuesdays as an event series to bridge the gap between the physical and digital aspects of the NFT world. The event occurs every first Tuesday of the month, and the series kicked off earlier this year in their Miami location at the Faena Bazaar, and then in their meatpacking NYC location. They usually like to showcase an artist drop, an NFT platform or an innovation in a specific industry/vertical.

Instagram: @cstmhaus

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