For “World Emoji Day,” Apple has unveiled a slew of new emoji, such as characters and icons, as well as added some new features, like face masks, to their dedicated Memoji for iMessage and other applications.

Suiting your every conversation, there’s new emoji when you’d like to talk about ninjas, boomerangs, beavers, lungs, or a dodo bird. Others include an American coin, the transgender symbol, a piñata, and an anatomical heart for medical students and romantics. Apple is not neglecting pop culture and trends either, so a bubble tea icon is also there to delight fans of the drink, while “pinched fingers” will relate to many cultural expressionists as well as pranksters trying to “make you look.”

Talking about Memoji, it will also get a big update, including new hairstyles, headwear, and even customizable face masks coming soon, as reported upon earlier. There are also three new stickers showing off a blush, a hug, and even a fist bump.

Posted by:Staff