Currently on display at the Setouchi City Art Museum in Japan’s Okayama prefecture, is a monumental installation by Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto, entitled Sakura Shibefuru. The beautiful work is comprised of 100,000 cherry blossom petals made of salt scattered on the floor of the institution. The artist created the work to cope with the loss of his loved ones, crafting each salt petal one by one over the course of nine days.

Along with the Sakura installation, there are two-dimensional works from 1995, that touch on the theme of life and death. Visitors are encouraged to take a moment of pause when viewing the work as they reflect on “the next season, after the cherry blossoms have fallen,” as per a statement by the museum.

Motoi Yamamoto is best known for his intricate installations made of salt. For the artist, salt is symbolic of memory and purification, and he uses this unconventional medium to create pieces in silence, almost falling into a meditative state.

Sakura Shibefuru is on view until May 5. Head to Setouchi City Art Museum’s website for more information.

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