Recently, the MF DOOM estate and his wife launched an auction sale of his augmented reality mask artworks, and here are the results from the sale.

The AR masks were sold on the NFT marketplace Illust.Space. The limited pieces of art were signed by Viktor Vaughn himself and can be displayed in the real world using geo-placement and web AR, or can be worn on your face like a mask filter. There were a few editions available like the Black Sludge Mask (9.5 ETH ~ $17,000), the Green Metal Mask (101.0000 ETH), the Sludge Mask (200.0000 ETH), and the Mummy Mask (450.0000 ETH).

“Sadly, MF DOOM passed on Oct 31st, 2020, one day following the close of the original Illust Space beta auction making this one of MF DOOM’s final collaborations. Due to blockchain’s immutable and decentralized ledger technology, all of MF DOOM’s AR NFT collection will be available for future generations of fans and collectors, creating a new model for royalties and posthumous creative control legacies,” Illust.Space commented.

The sale also donated 10 percent of the proceeds to the MF DOOM estate. Check out some of the AR masks below.

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